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Demo Day is March 31st, 2013


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Countdown to Demo Day

What is RoboFest?

            Do you have a passion for inventing? 
            Put your skills to the test. 
            Sponsored by Microsoft, Robofest offers students’ a chance to showcase their best hardware hacks 
            for a chance to win awesome prizes.

            Demo Day will be Sunday, March 31st, and there will be workshops and speakers beforehand
            to help you make the most of Robofest. 
            The Robotics lab will be speaking about their humanoid robot, and there will be a Microsoft
            representative to discuss how to leverage the Kinect. So keep your ears to the ground for more updates.
            Free food and drink will be served at all events.

            Please visit www.curobofest.com to learn more!

            Happy Hacking.


            First Place: Microsoft Surface
            Second Place: Microsoft Kinect
            Third Place: Xbox 360

            Enter our raffle on demo day and earn a chance to win a FREE Raspberry Pi!

            Sunday, March 31st
            DEMO DAY: 11:00 PM - 3:00 PM, Lerner Party Space

Prizes Available

Surface RT
XBox 360
Microsoft Kinect
Raspberry Pis


Hacking the Kinect
March 25th | 5 PM | Davis Auditorium

Come for free food and learn computer vision robotics from Steven Johnston of Microsoft Research!


Demo Day
March 31st | 12 PM | Lerner Party Space

This is the big day. Judging starts at 12 PM and the winners are announced at 3 PM

Get Inspired

Sample Projects

Dorm Automation

Dorm_room_automation Video Demo

Google Glass DIY

Video Demo

Fingerprint Credit Card Reader

Video Demo


Robofest is brought to you by Columbia ACM in asssociation with Microsoft and the New York Hacker Union. Microsoft will be contributing technical expertise and resources, as well as tons of great prizes! All corporate sponsors interested in sponsoring the event should use the concact form below


  1. Professor Stephen Edwards
  2. CeCe Chang of First Round Capital


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